About Picarsso Auto Spa

In 2007, Paul and Lorena Charron were looking for a new business venture. Paul, being an automobile enthusiast, noticed that when it came to mobile auto detailing Las Vegas came up short. Sure there were a lot of roadside “towel waving”, mobile car washes, but only a couple mobile auto detailing companies.Picarsso Auto Spa

Picarsso Auto was born!

Paul has been in, on or around cars, trucks and motorcycles since he was old enough to walk. In the 80’s, when he was a teenager, cruising was almost a sport. Many a long day and night was spent wrenching on, painting and polishing and waxing a vehicle to prepare for a weekend of “showing off.”

That tradition continues in Las Vegas!

Picarsso uses the most advanced products and techniques to provide the auto detailing Las Vegas automobile owners deserve for their vehicles.

The gleaming chrome and deep shine of a freshly waxed hot rod has been the dream of car lovers since the invention of the automobile. Whether you are a high-end luxury car owner or just someone who enjoys taking care of your vehicle, you can trust Picarsso Auto Spa, to maintain your ride.

Picarsso Auto Spa Gives Back

When it comes to auto detailing Las Vegas has been very good to Picarsso Auto Spa. Picarsso is currently working on a FREE online auto detailing training program. It will cover basic auto detailing techniques that the average auto enthusiast can use to maintain their own vehicle or will help the budding professional auto detailer get started in their own business.


Paul and Lorena Charron
Picarsso Auto Spa 7582 S Las Vegas Blvd #361, Las Vegas, NV 89123

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