Leather Therapy Product Review

There is nothing like climbing into a vehicle and be surrounded by the smell and feel of well cared for leather. At Picarsso Auto Spa, we trust Leather Therapy products to clean and protect our client’s vehicles. Leather Therapy has a full range of leather care products. We will review their Leather Therapy Wash, Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner and Leather Therapy Finish.

When we first started looking for a new source for leather care products, we were a little apprehensive. High-end vehicles have a ton of expensive leather and any bad product can and will make you look like a complete amateur.

We first asked ourselves, “where would we find the best products to care for leather.” Then we realized the better question was, “in what industry do they use the most leather besides the automobile industry?”

Some of my staff said some of the videos they watch had a lot of leather in them, but that is a WHOLE different area that we don’t want to get into!

We looked at the Equestrians to give us answers. That’s right, horses! Saddles, boots, belts and hats are all part of the equestrian lifestyle. They take a beating from the wind, rain, sun and all types of weather.

And that’s how we found Leather Therapy products.leather therapy wash

Leather Therapy Wash

One of the most important steps to making leather look and feel it’s best is in the cleaning process. A cleaner needs to be aggressive enough to get the leather clean, but gentle enough to not remove the original color. The Leather Therapy Wash product has the proper combination to do just that.

When applied properly, the Leather Therapy Wash’s micro-suds lift out embedded dirt and leaves the leather clean and feeling soft.

The detailers at Picarsso Auto Spa needed a cleaner that can be used on a daily basis and won’t dry out or discolor the leather. The Leather Therapy Wash has fit the bill very nicely.

Our detailers also like the aroma of the Leather Therapy Wash. It leaves the leather smelling better than when it left the showroom floor.

leather therapy restorer and conditionerLeather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner

A vehicle’s leather is in a pretty harsh environment. Weather, passenger spills, people sliding in and out of the vehicle and the suns UV rays are constantly beating on it. Eventually these elements can cause it to dry out and lose it’s luster.

Leather Therapy’s Restorer and Conditioner has been an absolute life saver for us and the leather we care for.

The fleet vehicles at the Wynn Hotel and Casino see more passengers in a week than most vehicles will get in a year. We apply the Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner as a regular maintenance process and it performs beautifully. The leather stays soft and supple and as with all Leather Therapy products it has an awesome scent that people love. It dries to a soft sheen and enhances the original color of the leather as well.

Leather Therapy Finishleather therapy finish

Sometimes smooth leather needs a little protection and Leather Therapy Finish comes to the rescue. Our staff not only uses it for the vehicles we care for, they use it on their boots and shoes, as well.

It works on all colors and works exceptionally well on motorcycle leathers, too.

With the Leather Therapy Finish, a little goes a long way!

Leather Therapy Delivers As Promised

When we buy professional auto detailing products, we want a vendor who can deliver as promised and is easy to deal with. The folks at Leather Therapy have been great to work with and our shipments have all arrived when they said they would. You can’t ask for more than that!


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